st33p makes it easy to enjoy a great cup of coffee at your favorite trailhead or on the go. Just add hot water!

Dawn Patrol

The easiest way to make a single coffee on the go. All you need is hot water and a mug.

  • Single-serving packs
  • Delivered monthly
  • No Commitment, Pause or Cancel Anytime

Just Add water

Similar to how a tea bag works, just drop your filter bag in a mug and add hot water. Perfect for a single quick cup.



Whether you're deep in the wilderness or in your kitchen, it's easy to make yourself a good fresh cup of coffee.


1% For the trails

We pledge 1% of our revenue to organizations that are building and maintaining free public bike trails.

Customer reviews

I didn’t know instant coffee could taste this good. St33p keeps me stocked and lets me hit full send while adventuring anywhere I can get hot water.

John M.

This is so much easier than the normal way of making a coffee. Taste is similar to a fresh press.

Erin P.

All you need is hot water. Freakin' love it!

Emily H.

As someone who travels year around, this is my go to coffee when on the move. Only hot water required, and a perfect cup in minutes

Will S.

St33p brings the convenience of instant coffee with the taste I’ve grown to love with french press or pour overs.

Andy R.

My go-to when I just need one cup of coffee. I was surprised by how fresh it tastes.

Lana M.

Common questions

Where is your coffee sourced?

Dawn Patrol is a Columbia / Brazil blend. Versatile for everyday drinking. Smooth as is or excellent with cream. Notes: milk chocolate, nut, stone fruit.

Can I order without subscribing?

Currently we are only offering products on a subscription-only basis. You can cancel at any time!

How does the subscription work?

Your order will be delivered monthly based on the date you order. You can change or cancel your subscription at any time. Once you order, you'll be able to access your own account to adjust your subscription details.

How can I be a st33p ambassador?

Interested in joining our ambassador program? Get in touch with us to apply!